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Bugün, 4:32am

Macron Had a Big Plan for Europe. It’s Now Falling Apart.

A weakened Angela Merkel, a surge in Italian populism and unresolved Brexit issues have undermined the French president’s push to reinvigorate the E.U.

Bugün, 4:32am

Frenchman Is First in World to Get 2 Full Face Transplants

Jérôme Hamon, a bookseller who has a genetic disease, underwent a second transplant after his body rejected the first because he had taken an antibiotic for a cold.

Dün, 11:31pm

Rob Matthews, 56, Blind Paralympian Who Won 8 Gold Medals, Dies

A British runner competed at six Games for the disabled and broke 22 world records. “Running turned back the fear,” he said.

Dün, 9:49pm

Rome Journal: ‘Shut Up, Satan’: Rome Course Teaches Exorcism, Even by Cellphone

The annual seminar seeks to train an army of exorcists to confront spreading demonic forces. Behind it is a sense that the Roman Catholic Church has gone astray.

Dün, 8:47pm

Hans Asperger Aided Nazi Child Euthanasia, Study Says

The autism researcher collaborated with the Third Reich and actively assisted in the killing of disabled children, a new report says.

Dün, 6:34pm

Four Masked Burglars Steal Jade and Gold Artifacts From Museum in England

Witnesses reported seeing the thieves break a first-floor window on Tuesday at the Museum of East Asian Art and steal items of “priceless” significance, the police said.

Dün, 6:32pm

Cannes Brings Back Lars von Trier After 2011 Ban for Hitler Comments

Mr. von Trier, the Danish director who was declared persona non grata in 2011, will make a festival comeback this year with “The House That Jack Built.”

Dün, 5:01pm

Greek Court Upends Rules Limiting Migrants’ Movements

The Council of State ruled that migrants arriving on Greek islands should no longer be held there while their asylum claims were assessed.

Dün, 12:00pm

The Underworld Will Stop in London en Route to Broadway

The musical “Hadestown,” a new take on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, will open on Broadway after a run at the National Theater in London.

Dün, 11:00am

International Herald Tribune: 1918: American Heroes Honored in France

Two American lieutenants, one from Yale, the other from Harvard, received France’s Croix de Guerre for bringing down two German airplanes.

Dün, 5:42am

Europe Edition: North Korea, Germany, Dogs: Your Thursday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

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