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Bugün, 9:46am

In Berlin, a Show of Solidarity Does Little to Dampen Jewish Fears

After an assault against an Israeli wearing a skullcap, hundreds of Berliners donned skullcaps in support. But Jews say discrimination remains a part of daily life.

Bugün, 9:45am

4 Turner Prize Nominees Are Announced

Making this year’s shortlist: an organization that uses architectural rendering software to uncover human rights abuses and three artists depicting social and political issues in film.

Bugün, 7:32am

Turkish Court Convicts 13 From Cumhuriyet Newspaper on Terrorism Charges

The defendants, sentenced to two to seven years in prison, remain free pending their appeals, but the verdict keeps the pressure on journalists who are critical of the government.

Bugün, 5:45am

Signs of Wavering Eurozone Economy Are Unlikely to Faze E.C.B.

Tentative indications of slowing growth will probably not cause the European Central Bank to revise its timetable for gently winding down economic stimulus.

Bugün, 5:28am

Europe Edition: Macron, Berlin, Denmark: Your Thursday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

Bugün, 4:00am

Overlooked No More: Maria Bochkareva, Who Led Women Into Battle in WWI

“My heart yearned to be there, in the boiling caldron of war, to be baptized in its fire and scorched in its lava,” Bochkareva wrote in her 1919 autobiography.

Bugün, 2:39am

Profile: ‘In Italy, There Was the Pope and Then There Was Enzo Ferrari’

A biography of the legendary Italian carmaker shines a light on the man and the automotive empire he built.

Bugün, 12:16am

Comcast Starts Bidding War With 21st Century Fox for Sky

A $30.7 billion offer for Sky puts the American cable giant in a takeover battle with Rupert Murdoch for control of the British broadcaster.

Bugün, 12:02am

Protests Erupt Anew in Armenia Amid Political Deadlock

All parties want snap elections after the resignation of the country’s longtime leader, but the opposition does not want the ruling party to run them.

Dün, 11:58pm

The Biggest Influencer of All?

As Meghan Markle steps onto the global stage, she has the potential to change the perception of fashion brands, the royal family and much more.

Dün, 11:35pm

Trilobites: A Massacre Frozen in Time: Skeletons in Sweden Reveal Ancient Attack

An archaeological dig of a fifth-century village offers a glimpse of the violent chaos across Europe as the Roman Empire fell.

Dün, 9:05pm

Madrid Leader Resigns After Shoplifting Video Emerges

A high-profile figure in the governing Popular Party was already facing pressure to step down after being accused of holding a fraudulent master’s degree.

Dün, 8:22pm

Pope Francis to Host 3 Chilean Sexual Abuse Victims to Ask Forgiveness

The pope, who was criticized for doubting the victims’ claims, has since apologized. The Vatican says he will let the three men talk with him “as long as they wish.”

Dün, 4:21pm

Life Sentence for Murder of Kim Wall

A Danish inventor, Peter Madsen, has been convicted of killing Ms. Wall, a Swedish journalist, on a submarine he built.

Dün, 3:38pm

Peter Madsen, Danish Inventor, Is Convicted of Killing Kim Wall

The submarine creator had admitted to dismembering the Swedish journalist and to discarding her body. He was sentenced to life in prison, the maximum possible.

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